Tentura is a liqueur, of which the taste, aroma and color are attributed to the extracts of spices it contains, mainly cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Its characteristic aromas and rich color are heightened by the traditional secret recipes of each and every producer and the local spices, citrus fruits and local wines used.

Tentura is a liqueur traditionally and exclusively produced in Greece. This traditional Greek liqueur shows enormous potential in the international market, particularly after its exclusive production in Greece was secured by EU legislation.

The name

There are many speculations about the origin of the name. The prevailing one seems to be that it stems from the Latin word tinctura, a word used to describe its sharp, characteristic color.

Enjoying Tentura

Tentura can be consumed anytime, anywhere: after a good meal, as a digestif, in a bar as a regular drink, neat or with soda or tonic or as a cocktail ingredient, mainly however chilled in a shot.

Tentura makes an excellent accompaniment to dried fruits, walnuts and desserts.